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Schools still depends on Government grant

Schools still depends on Government grant
Schools still depends on Government grant
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Many schools are still waiting for Government grant to have their classes get normal operations after independence celebrations long holiday. Some of them have seen their students sent back to home yesterday morning in Port Vila while others seem to be not affected while they are waiting for Government assistance based on free education,
Yesterday morning, when students of Sainte Jeanne D’Arc School turned up, they were told that they must wait at home until the return of water and electricity that were cut due to outstanding bills.
Reports said the other reason why Port Vila Catholic School could not reopen its doors yesterday is because the school was still waiting for Government grant.
Parents have voiced their concern yesterday saying that the school like others should not depend on Government grant for the payment of outstanding bills as they paid fees for their children to have access to classroom. They said water and electricity cut should not come as an excuse but should be properly handled by the management of the school.
Freshwater Bilingual School faces the same problem with outstanding bills and has to open its classes for half day, until Government grant is paid.

CAPTION: Sainte Jeanne D’Arc School.