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Independence GIVE AWAY!

Independence GIVE AWAY!
Independence GIVE AWAY!
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In partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), DARD is giving away rotavators at a subsidized price!
Only at the Innovative Agriculture Show 2020.
Rotavators are simple to handle, can be used for backyard gardening and is cheap to manage.
It is the best option for remote and geographically disadvantaged communities.
Ofcourse production whether at backyard or commercial farm, a rotavator will boost production of therefore we can expect an increase in organic crop production which complements the GUDFALA KAKAI POLICY.
Above all, it’s a great tool to help households for disaster preparedness in terms of household food baskets.
The partnership requires a 70/30% agreement between any interested individual and DARD.
The Partnership requires an upfront deposit of 50,000vt and the balance will be paid by DARD. The value of a new rotavator is 177,000vt.
Under the Partnership, the interested individual is required to register with Vanuatu Primary Producers Authority and DARD officers will facilitate the registration once the Partnership is signed.
Your contact point is Agriculture officer Gwenneth Natu. Find Gwen at the Agriculture stall no1 or call +6787786279.
THIS SPECIAL is valid for the duration of the Innovative Agriculture Show 2020. PC: DARD Vanuatu