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Only one day celebration for Central Pentecost

Only one day celebration for Central Pentecost
Only one day celebration for Central Pentecost
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Each village from Central Pentecost is organizing its people to celebrate the 40th Independence Anniversary on Thursday 30 July.
Reports received from Central Pentecost said the celebration will take place only on 30 July following the situation the island is going through after being severely affected by Category 5 TC Harold on 6 April this year.
Melsisi Catholic Mission used to be the one of the main centres of celebration every year on Pentecost Island but due to this current situation people are facing, a decision was taken that a gathering will take place on each village on Thursday to mark the 40th Independence Anniversary.
As 90% of Melsisi Catholic Mission was destroyed by TC Harold and people are going through recovery period and if Melsisi hosts the celebration this year, there is no houses to accommodate people who will come from surrounding villages to participate to the celebration.
Reports said the grant allocated by the Government to Central Pentecost was shared to all villages of the region for their people to celebrate the event.
At Melsisi, teachers and people from the closest village Illamre are invited to gather together on Thursday for flag raising, church service followed by speeches and entertainment.
Reports said a group of people from Central Pentecost have decided last week to charter a flight to join Port Vila at the 40th Anniversary Celebration.