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Air Vanuatu welcomes additional repatriation flights

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Air Vanuatu announced today it will operate its second outbound repatriation flight on Thursday, 23 July 2020.
In conjunction with the French Embassy in Port-Vila, Air Vanuatu will return 20 French Nationals to France, connecting via Noumea in New-Caledonia with Aircalin.
“This is a very positive outcome for Air Vanuatu, as we handle two outbound repatriation flights in July alone. We look forward to the second phase of the repatriations in August and we remain available to the Vanuatu Government’s needs.” said Mr. Joseph Laloyer, Air Vanuatu Acting Chief Executive Officer.
“Air Vanuatu has been updating its safe airport and in-flight protocols to ensure our crew, passengers and aircraft are covid-19 free. We are continuously collaborating with the Vanuatu Public Health authorities, IATA and other relevant Government agencies to ensure our health measures are fully compliant and ready when the borders reopen. ” said Air Vanuatu General Manager Airports, Wotlolan Lobu.
Vanuatu’s current State of Emergency does not allow any inbound repatriation until 01 August 2020, therefore, no passengers will be uplifted on the return flight.
The next cargo flight to Noumea is scheduled on Friday, 7th August 2020.
Meanwhile, reports from Air Vanuatu said Airline operations and the transportation industry have been impacted on a global scale by the ongoing unprecedented situation.
In anticipation of the next repatriation flights, it is essential that travellers are familiar with travel restrictions of the countries that they are travelling to as final destination or as transit port.
The International Air Transportation Association (IATA) is keeping up-to-date with all the changes in travel restrictions.
Travellers can access the interactive COVID-19 World Travel Regulations Map for further information.