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MP John Salong summoned by PM Loughman

MP John Salong summoned by PM Loughman
MP John Salong summoned by PM Loughman
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Member of Parliament for Ambrym Constituency, John Salong, is reportedly summoned by Prime Minister Bob Loughman following the allegations he made via Facebook today morning.
He again mentioned PM’s name when he alleged that PM instructed the Minister of Public Works to decide that a local ship transporting heavy equipment for Ambrym be diverted to Pentecost.
This is what the Opposition MP posted this morning: “Be it known to all men that I am calling off all Independence Anniversary Celebrations by the people of Ambrym thought the republic. Hon PM Bob Loughman Weibur has instructed Hon Minister Jay Ngwele to instruct the captain of LC Mahalia to land Bulldozer and digger in Pentecost not Ambrym.”
“Ino bin man Ambrym ibin naked blo stanap mo salutim flag lo 30 July 1980. Ino bin man Ambrym ibin blessem flag. Ino bin Atingting blo Ambrym ia flag ibin draped over before oli bin raisem lo 30 July 1980.”
According to Government Public Relations Officer Fred Vurobarau, PM Loughman has raised serious concerns on how MP Salong directly implicated him on an alleged decision to divert shipment of road construction equipment from Ambrym to Pentecost.
“PM Loughman said the decision is not his and he categorically refuted the accusations made by MP Salong,” said PRO via Facebook.
Ambrym PRO is supposed to be at PM’s Office this afternoon after being summoned by PM Loughman.
Few days ago, MP Salong has publicly accused the Government of having practising nepotism when all key posts in the current executive are occupied by people from Tanna from where PM Loughman hails.