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Malekula, Tanna concession agreement with Unelco ended yesterday

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Loughman’s Government decided not to renew concession agreement with the French owned electricity company, Unelco, through a COM decision last week for Malekula and Tanna.
The decision followed Vanuatu National Provident Fund’s plan to set up a new electricity company on the two islands. VNPF is a shareholder in Unelco since 2018.
Yesterday, Prime Minister Bob Loughman told local media that power supply must continue on Malekula and Tanna after the Government decided not to renew the concession agreement with Unelco which ceased yesterday.
PM assured the people who benefit from the power supplied by Unelco, in particular the business community on the two islands, that they will still have electricity until the new company will take over the whole operation. He thanked Unelco Company for its support during the transition period.
Unelco was the sole electricity company in Vanuatu since independence. Nine years ago, it had ceased its operations on Santo after the Vanuatu Government had entered a concession agreement with Vanuatu Utilities and Infrastructure Limited (VUI).
The French owned company still operates the electricity and water supply in Port Vila.

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