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The majority of detainees are sex offenders

The majority of detainees are sex offenders
The majority of detainees are sex offenders
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More than 50% of detainees in Correctional Centres in Port Vila and Luganville are men who have committed sexual offences.
This is the revelation made by Director of Correctional Services, Johnny Marango during an interview at Tok Bak Sho program of Television Blong Vanuatu yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Marango said sexual offenders dominated all correctional centres in both towns and if measures are taken to minimise these sexual offences in Vanuatu, these detention centres will not be full as they are today.
This high rate of sexual offences comes as an alert when Vanuatu is ready to celebrate its 40th anniversary through its motto “In God We Stand”.
Director Marango urged community leaders, including chiefs and pastors, to do something about this kind of human behaviour.
“In community level, parents are responsible for providing good teaching to their children. The lack of teaching at home brings a bad future to a child. Each child must be raised with good teaching. All traditional and Christian values must be kept at home for children to learn something out of them,” said Director Marango.


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