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Willie Marak Naut Kalpoilep VI is new Eratap Chief

Willie Marak Naut Kalpoilep VI is new Eratap Chief
Willie Marak Naut Kalpoilep VI is new Eratap Chief
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The 1st of July 2020 will be written in the history of Eratap Village as its new chief was ordained today to replace Chief Andrew Kalpoilep V who has stepped down at the age of 77.
Chief Kalpoilep elder son Willie inherits the highest chiefly title from his father and becomes today Maruk Naut Kalpoilep VI.
His ordination took place today morning at the Chief’s Nasara, performed by chiefs from Vaturisu Council of Chiefs.
During the ceremony today morning, the new 40 years old chief promised to cooperate with his colleagues from South Efate and with Vaturisu Council of Chiefs to maintain peace and unity in his village and to follow his father’s footprints as the man who authorised people from the six provinces to live on the family land at Teouma Dark Bush.
Over 1 000 people including those of six provinces residing at Teouma Dark Bush witnessed today morning the ordination of the new chief.
The ordination follows the ceremony that took place on 29 October last year when chiefs from Vaturisu paid honour and respect to the man who reigned at South Efate’s village for three decades.
Chief Andrew Pakoa Kalpoilep was one of many people who were instrumental in the setting up of Vaturisu Council of Chiefs after independence.
He once become President of Vaturisu until 2012 when Henry Manlaewia was elected to succeed him.
Through his leadership as Paramount Chief of Eratap, the peace come back to his community after many years of land disputes.
As landowner in his village, many people from islands obtained from him plots of land at Teouma Dark Bush. Today people who are living there have formed the biggest mixed community on Efate.
Members of this mixed community were among people who gathered at Chief’s Nasara this morning.