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“A Parliament without Opposition is dictatorship,” Salwai

“A Parliament without Opposition is dictatorship,” Salwai
“A Parliament without Opposition is dictatorship,” Salwai
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The Government’s motion to suspend the entire Opposition from Parliament sitting worried MPs concerned as there will be only Government side in the Parliament.
The outgoing Prime Minister and current deputy leader of the Opposition, Charlot Salwai, told Parliament yesterday evening that in the absence of the Opposition, any decision can be taken by the majority of MPs in Parliament without proper democratic process.
“We here have people who won’t have the right to be represented through democratic process. The Parliament without Opposition is a dictatorship,” former PM said.
While defending the motion to suspend the whole Opposition, the mover of the motion and Deputy Prime Minister, Ismael Kalsakau, told Parliament that one of the reason behind the move is because when the President of the Republic and other dignitaries were waiting for the opening of the extraordinary session, MPs from the Opposition side did not turn up.
“It was a disgrace to us Members of Parliament. On the same day, MPs who boycotted the sitting were seen in Parliament collecting their allowances,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.
He then revealed in Parliament that the expenses occurred from the day the Opposition boycotted Parliament sitting (Thursday 11 June) reached Vt11 million. “That’s people’s money. Who will paid back,” questioned Mr Kalsakau.
Despite all attempts made by the Opposition to avoid the motion for the suspension of its MPs, the motion was approved by the majority for its rivals not to attend Parliament sitting for two days.
The Opposition will be back to Parliament on Friday this week.