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Efate school leaders improve their leadership skills

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Teachers and school heads from Efate recently enhanced their leadership and management skills by completing their Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB42015) through the Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC).
The cohort of nine women and nine men consisted of primary and secondary school leaders, and representatives from the Teaching Service Commission, and the Ministry of Education and Training.
The Ministry of Education and Training, Shefa Province Education Office and APTC, in collaboration with the Australian-funded Vanuatu Education Support Program (VESP), sponsored the five-week intensive training.
During a small ceremony to celebrate their achievements, course participant Jennifer Attison, acknowledged their employers for prioritising their professional development.
“We thank the sponsors for identifying the need to train us. Thank you also to the APTC management, staff and trainers for giving us the opportunity to upskill and gain new insights,” Mrs Attison said.
Speaking on behalf of the cohort, Deputy School Principal of Freshwota School, Webster Taboi, said the training helped them identify their strengths and weaknesses, improve their management styles, learn different approaches, and develop project management skills.
Ministry of Education and Training participant, Marcel Yamsui, encouraged school leaders to implement their newly found skills upon their return to work.
“As the first cohort of school leaders in this course, be the change you want to see in your schools and be a great role model for others,” Mr Yamsui said.
Present at the gathering was the Team Leader for VESP, David Letichevsky, who re-emphasised his team’s commitment to working with the Ministry of Education and Training to support and strengthen the education system in Vanuatu, including by providing professional development for school leaders.
APTC’s Operations Manager in Vanuatu, Anne Niatu, applauded all who were involved in making the course a success and the ongoing partnership with the Ministry of Education and Training, the Shefa Education Office and VESP.
Ms Niatu also acknowledged the flexibility of APTC Trainers, Margaret Styles and Kevin Tabi, for co-training the final block of this course during a period of travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring innovative training delivery approaches.
Representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training, Shefa Education Office, VESP, APTC, and school leaders from Central School, Freshwota School and Epauto, Malapoa College, Vila East, attended the closing ceremony. Source: APTC