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YCV Board Launches the 2020 Youth Challenge Vanuatu Business Plan

YCV Board Launches the 2020 Youth Challenge Vanuatu Business Plan
YCV Board Launches the 2020 Youth Challenge Vanuatu Business Plan
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Youth Challenge Vanuatu, Board of Directors Chairman Narand Jack Beerbul today, officially launches the Youth Challenge Vanuatu Business Plan, 2020. The plan captures the activities YCV is implementing this year under the Enhancing Youth Employment and Leadership (EYEL) Project.

Mr Beerbul says, “Each year YCV produces its yearly plan aimed at enhancing youth employment and leadership for the youths in Port Vila. YCV’s services primarily target youth with low- level or no qualification. Providing them with soft skills, tools and information to smooth their pathway into employment, enterprise or further study, as well as providing them with resources and networks to develop and exercise leadership, contribute to their communities, and be active and engaged citizens”.

He stated, ‘With few job opportunities and a significant youth bulge, finding employment and establishing a livelihood through enterprise are particularly challenging for disadvantaged youth, who may lack basic vocational and entrepreneurial skills. Thus, YCV is advocating a work approach that brings together all parties al all levels of service delivery to address the high rate of unemployment and school dropouts.”

The YCV chairman, added that unemployment and school drop outs is Everyone’s Business and by engaging the support of all members of the community in taking up young people’s issues as everyone’s business, then a certain degree of minimizing the risk to the livelihood of people as well as shaping Vanuatu future leaders.

The Business is in response to the Enhancing Youth Employment and Leader (EYEL) Year 3 activities and rollover activities under the different programs provided by Youth Challenge Vanuatu, through the Ready for Work, Ready for Business, Youth Centre Services and Vanuatu Wok. It also includes the planned activities for YCV’s partners and projects that are assisting YCV to carry out it’s unemployment and leadership activities from the urban settings in Port Vila.

The programs under the EYEL project provided by Youth Challenge Vanuatu aligns with Vanuatu National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP) objectives , ‘ sustained, inclusive and equitable growth requires polices that help create jobs, which recognize and respect the rights of workers, and enable other income-earning opportunities, especially for our young people’ .

It also contributes to the NSDP objectives;
• SOC2.4. Increase higher education opportunities, including technical and vocational training and skills
• SOC 4.3. Empower and support people with disabilities
• SOC 4.6. Provide opportunities, support and protection services for youth and children as valued members of society
• ECO. 4.5 Increase the number of decent, productive employment opportunities, particularly for young women and men and people with disabilities
ECO. 4.6. Ensure the health and safety, employment rights and skills development of the workforce. Soure: YCV