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New Zealand support to Vanuatu following TC Harold and Covid19

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New Zealand support to Vanuatu following TC Harold
• Total value of assistance so far about NZ $3 million (203 million vatu). It includes the following:
• Two New Zealand Defence Force P3K Orion surveillance plane flights have been undertaken to survey damage.
• Four New Zealand Defence Force C-130 Hercules (cargo) planes have delivered the following materials that were requested by the NDMO:
o One Robinson R66 helicopter (owned by Vanuatu Helicopters and requested by the Government to assist with medivac and assessments)
o 4,906 tarpaulins
o 1300 shelter tool kits
o 300 agriculture tool kits
o 260 family hygiene kits
o 200 mother and infant kits
o 10 chainsaw kits
o 10 satellite phones with credit on the phones for use in affected areas.
o 50,000m of rope
• $500,000 (VT 33.9 million) for immediate needs – to date this has been spent on emergency relief supplies (purchased locally) and charter flights for rapid assessment teams. The funding will continue to be used for logistics at the request of the NDMO and other urgent priorities.
• Funding of NZ $950,000 (VT 64 million) for NGOs to support affected communities in partnership with the Government of Vanuatu

New Zealand support to Vanuatu following COVID-19
• NZ$ 3 million (VT 203 million) for direct budget support to MFEM to support the COVID-19 Financial and Economic Stimulus Package.
• NZ$ 530,000 (VT 36 million) to support the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 response plan. This funding went towards early detection and isolation as well as to support the maintenance of stocks of PPE, drugs, and consumables in triage and isolation wards.
• NZ$ 300,000 (VT 20 million) to the Education Cluster for hygiene kits to schools
• NZ$ 150,000 (VT 10 million) to the Education Cluster to delivery psychosocial support to teachers and principals.
• NZ$ 300,000 (VT 20 million) to the WASH Cluster to install emergency water systems in vulnerable areas with limited or no access to water for hand washing in rural communities.