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Appalling conduct of Sergeant Palo

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Campaign for Justice (C4J) is greatly alarmed by the impunity with which law enforcement officers in the northern town can easily get away with unlawful behavior and underhanded tactics, displayed during an invasion of a private property in 2015 within Big Bay area.
Since then, the victims and their lawyers have lodged complaints to no avail with the Northern Commander, WIllie Samuel, who it is clear, condones and stands behind the actions of his minions.
The concerned individual is Sergeant Jean Baptist Palo – a so-called CID officer who on 3rd July 2015 invaded the premises of his victims after falsifying a police statement he had written up two months earlier and circulating it widely to mobilize support for his wrongful actions. Palo was accompanied by at least two VMF officers and many other villagers.
C4J is calling on the Police Services Commission (PSC) to immediately discipline Sergeant Palo, the VMF officers concerned and the Commander North to restore public confidence and trust in the work of the police.
Apparently the raid took place following some trumped up allegations and conspiracy theories, that somehow the victim, among other malicious and ludicrous allegations, was hiding firearms in his Big Bay home. Sergeant Palo also acted unlawfully with a clear conflict of interest as he was a member of a tribe in Big Bay, claiming custom ownership of the land where the victim had set up a conservation project.
We call on the Police Services Commission (PSC) to immediately discipline Sergeant Palo, including his Commander and the VMF officers concerned. C4J is deeply concerned that the complaint has taken five years to attend to.
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