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Salwai re-elected with other 26 outgoing MPs

Salwai re-elected with other 26 outgoing MPs
Salwai re-elected with other 26 outgoing MPs
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The Vanuatu caretaker Prime Minister Charlot Salwai is re-elected in his Pentecost Constituency following the official results of the recent general elections published late yesterday afternoon by the Electoral Commission.
Are also re-elected in their respective constituency 26 former MPs, leaving other 25 seats to new ones who will enter soon the 12th Legislature.
Graon mo Jastis Pati of Ralph Regenvanu, caretaker Foreign Minister and re-elected MP in Port Vila Constituency, is leading with 9 winning candidates while Salwai’s party RMC and Bob Loughman’s VP followed with 7 winning candidates each.
Negotiations are underway to form the new government. The National Parliament will meet after Easter to elect the new Prime Minister.

Graon mo Jastis Pati 9
Vanua’Aku Pati 7
Reunification of Movements for Change 7
Leaders Party Vanuatu 5
Union of Moderate Parties 5
National United Party 4
Iauko Group 2
Rural Development Party 2
Nagriamel 1
Vemarana 1
Vanuatu First Party 1
People Unity Development Party 1
Vanuatu Progressive Dev. Party 1
Vanuatu National Dev. Party 1
Ngwasoanda Custom Movement 1
Vanuatu Liberal Movement 1
Green Confederation Party 1
Vanuatu Progressive Party 1
Vanuatu Cult. Self Relance Movement 1