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Youth Challenge Vanuatu launches the BAE MI VOTE CAMPIAGN

Youth Challenge Vanuatu launches the BAE MI VOTE CAMPIAGN
Youth Challenge Vanuatu launches the BAE MI VOTE CAMPIAGN
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In Port Vila, Vanuatu, 13th March 13, 2020 – Youth Challenge Vanuatu today launched the BAE MI VOTE Campaign on facebook to encourage first time voters and youth people who are members of the Youth Center Services to cast their votes in the upcoming election.
“The BAE MI VOTE campaign is a pledge that first voters who are members of the Youth Center Service made to cast their votes in the upcoming, it is part of our communication activities with the youth center to ensure our members are well informed to exercise their right to vote and are part of national activities and carry out their national duties’, stated Lillyrose Welwel, YCV Public Relations Manager.
She added, “We tell young people to make sure you’re civically engaged and you vote for people that you want. We tell them that, Change doesn’t happen overnight, Change starts with you, and casting your vote for people who will deliver in your best interests will lead to the change you want”. It is one of the reasons why YCV rolls out this campaign.
Over 300 YCS members including the Ready for Work and Ready for Business participants gathered today the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints to make their pledge to vote during the YCV, Youth Center Service induction.
Mr Douglas Tamare from Transparency International Vanuatu spoke on the importance election and Voter Rights. Later the youths were divided to different groups to discuss “From wanem yumi ol yangfala imas vote? These are some of the reasons why these young people have pledge to vote in the upcoming election;
1. It is our constitutional rights
2. To ensure our voices is being heard
3. Vote for great leaders who will fight for economic growth, education, and Infrastructure and
health service delivery throughout Vanuatu.
4. We should vote for great leaders who will fight corruption
5. We vote because it’s our way of paying respects to our nation’s founding fathers
6. We vote for leaders who will choose their national duties before their own personal interest, we vote not only for their policies
7. We vote because we want to see change
8. We vote because of our future and our kids future depends on it
9. We vote because we want to see a leader that will help protect our identity, stop the sale of passports, lands and create more employment opportunities for young people.
10. We vote because it is our democratic and moral duty
The Public Relation Manager added that, ‘We encourage the young people to vote by telling them you may not care now, but you might in the next four years. While you can’t predict who or where you’ll be in four years, you can be sure that the political officials elected into office and the policies they implement will impact your life in the coming months and years. Why not have a say? Speak up, make a choice, and take part in the election to protect your interests. In your first few years in the real world’.
The BAE MI VOTE campaign will end on Wednesday the 18th of March 2020.
According to the YCV statistics collected last year, out of 500 youths, 263 youths have no Electoral cards, 213 with no national ID, 303 were silent on both. This year 2020, all registered YCV members possess a national ID and a huge number of first time voters who were registered at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.
Youth Challenge Vanuatu is non-government organization that is funded by MFAT through OXFAM. Source: YCV