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When Vanuatu Craft sets off to conquer China

When Vanuatu Craft sets off to conquer China
When Vanuatu Craft sets off to conquer China
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Between tradition and modernity, Vanuatu Craft, proud to offer every day high quality products has naturally chosen to open a digital showcase of its brand on the most dynamic social network in the world. Vanuatu Craft becomes the first company in Vanuatu to open a public account to discover and promote Vanuatu products.
“Vanuatu Craft products deserve the best show cases,being visible worldwide is not just a challenge, it’s a necessity!”
“Yes, we are getting more and more Chinese customers, they are curious to discover our products, and appreciate the tastings we offer. Liquors, chocolates and jams are their favorites gifts for the family and friends. We also know that the increasing number of journeys of high-income Chinese tourists attracted by Vanuatu, its culture, its landscapes and its terroir means the opening of new growing markets that must be seized. ”
This WeCHAT Vanuatu Craft account will complete our new website and our Facebook page. It will present Vanuatu Craft and partners news, recipes from the Chef, and showcase local products and know-how. It is an original way of weaving and maintaining a relationship with our customers here and overseas. The page will be written in Mandarin to have a large impact in China.

The Story in the Story

To open and animate this WeCHAT public account, Vanuatu Craft relied on a made in Vanuatu start-up: NEXT. This young company specialized in global marketing, specially Chinese market. Created in Port-Vila in August 2019, founded by a French and a Chinese businesswomen fallen under the spell of Vanuatu and with the help of a young and motivated team, NEXT offers innovative solutions for companies and institutions that want to shine and export all over the world and particularly in Asia.
“We are proud of the trust placed in us by Vanuatu craft, our very first customer. It is a chance that a major company in the agri-food industry trustedus. Our work is a pleasure renewed every day: Promotion of Vanuatu, its wealths and supporting local employment through our professionnal goals. ” Vanina GALLONI WEBER Co-Manager of NEXT.
“We are convinced that it is time to offer a marketing service to China for companies and institutions in Vanuatu and the Pacific that need to be well supported to find their way in the complexity of a new environment for them. By staying in Vanuatu, we have come to know the needs of local businesses and we want to help them first.” Ning ZhOU, NEXT Co-Manager.
The numbers give the spin. WECHAT is the Chinese social network with more than one billion subscribers. To be even more precise:
1.08 billion monthly users, 45 billion messages sent each day, 410 million content and audio and video calls every day.
WeCHAT is also a social media Swiss knife because it is a “super-app” that combines the uses of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tinder and many others. It is also the way of payment that has seen the greatest expansion in recent years.