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Pentecost: Fire ants, a big worry to Gun Community

Pentecost: Fire ants, a big worry to Gun Community
Pentecost: Fire ants, a big worry to Gun Community
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Gun Community in Central Pentecost is going through an embarrassing situation its people are looking for ways to overcome.
This embarrassing situation is due to the existence of fire ants in the village since the beginning of last year.
According to Gilles Tarilas who is a community leader at Gun Village, people don’t know how the fire ants arrived on Pentecost and why they can be found in their village alone and not in the other ones.
“It is becoming a big worry to us. It is quite annoying to wake up in the night with fire ants biting. Babies and children cannot sleep well. In our village, everywhere you go, you find fire ants,” the community leader told Daily Post recently.
Gilles Tarilas who is a former teacher said the situation they are facing is very critical as they don’t know how to eradicate fire ants.
Vila Times understands that Gun Community leaders have recently approached Ezzy-Kill Pest Control to help eradicating fire ants in their village and an arrangement has been reached within the community with to pay fare and for other costs before the work starts.
Fire ants are spreading very quickly in Vanuatu and local communities do not have the know-how and resources to control or eradicate fire ants. Public awareness of fire ants is poor and almost zero outside of infested areas.
Fire ants were introduced to Vanuatu from the Solomon Islands in the 1990s by an Anglican Church Mission boat, the Southern Cross, importing timber to Vanua Lava for a Diocese building.