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A car stolen and smashed on the wall

A car stolen and smashed on the wall
A car stolen and smashed on the wall
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A man and his father from Banks have to work very hard for money to repay the cost of a Toyota vehicle following an accident that occurred in Luganville last month.
Reports said the vehicle was parked in front of a shop in town when its driver and owner went in to buy refill card when the man walked to the vehicle that was left running, went inside and accelerated.
The vehicle was minutes later spotted alongside the road with damages as it just hit a wall near Hotel Santo. The man has found difficult to run away as people who witness the accident prevent him to move. Police arrived at the scene and the man was taken to the custody.
It is alleged that the man was under the influence of marijuana.
Reports said the vehicle was badly damaged. The owner has no choice but to ask for the cost of his vehicle. An arrangement has been reached between the man who had no driving license when the accident happened and his father, and the owner of the vehicle who is from Central Pentecost.