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Beleru’s Vatu Family sued for alleged damages on property

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A man from Central Pentecost who was removed from Beleru many weeks ago and his family are suing a member of Vatu Family from Beleru, South Santo, asking for compensation related to damages.
The man with his family have settled for many years at Beleru following agreement made between landowners and a local lawyer.
But this year tensions among landowners have prompted a man whose father offered land to Central Pentecost Family, many years before he passed away decided to chase the Pentecost man and his family and to damage their property and gardens, reports said.
Just after independence in 1980, Vatu Family who are the owners of hundreds of hectares of land in Beleru decided to take back their land from foreigners. They consulted a local lawyer to represent them in Court. After having their land returned, they offered a part of the land to the lawyer who decided, through the agreement of landowners, to bring people from his village to Beleru.
Since, many families have settled there, making Beleru their second home. They built traditional houses and did farming to earn an income.
Reports said all landowners from Vatu Family who offered their land to Pentecost families all died and their land is on the control of a new generation who decided to remove all the occupants.
The case was scheduled to be heard by Magistrate Court in Luganville at 10.30 am today Monday 11 November.