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A Tongoa man sentenced 3 years imprisonment for incest

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A man from Lumbukuti Village, Tongoa, was sentenced by Vanuatu Supreme Court for having sexual intercourse with his biological daughter.
These offences occurred on the island of Tongoa. The complainant is the biological daughter of the defendant Hendry Ben. At the time of the offending the complainant was just over 16 years of age.
Hendry Ben, 39 years, was charged with two counts of incest by Justice Dudley Aru.
The defendant was a first time offender and because he cooperated with the Police investigation and as a sign a sign of remorse, performed custom reconciliation to his wife and family with a pig valued at Vt15,000, 4 mats and some roots crops and fruits, his sentence was reduced to 3 years after 6 years as a starting point.
It was the girl who reported the matter to her relatives on April this as she was worried that she might get pregnant and sought one of her aunt’s assistance to move out of the family house. The matter was later reported to police and brought to Court in Port Vila recently.