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Acting DPM Seremiah opens new fish market in Port Olry

Acting DPM Seremiah opens new fish market in Port Olry
Acting DPM Seremiah opens new fish market in Port Olry
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Acting Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB), Matai Seremiah
Described a Fish Market as an important element or program at the community level that support food security, economic development and improved livelihoods of people, therefore, it is important that the facility is well looked after, activities are well managed and reports are up-to-date to ensure smooth operation.
The Acting Deputy Prime Minister was addressing the Fishermen Association and the people of Port Olry in East Coast Santo yesterday as he officiated the opening of a brand new Fisheries Market facility.
Minister Seremiah said the Priority Focus of the Vanuatu Government is to implement programs and activities in line with the three main pillars of the National Sustainable Development Goals, 1) Environment 2) Economic 3) Social Pillars.
He said the Vanuatu Government through MALFFB’s overarching policies focuses on Government Objectives to increase production to support food security and livelihood for communities throughout the country. Under this objectives Fisheries Department through its coastal development program is mandated to facilitate the following activities in the communities; to establish a fishers association or fishers group, to strengthen the capacity of the fishers through training and providing information, and to facilitate the establishment of market centres with appropriate equipment’s to allow for fish storage, processing and marketing.
“Fishers Association must be active to consistently supply fresh fish to this fish market to ensure our local community have access to fresh fish.
“Vanuatu Fisheries Department, Cooperative department and other lineagency to work with fish market committee and fishers to support capacity building,” said Acting Deputy Prime Minister.
This is not the first fish market, two previous one were set up some years ago. The first Fish Market was established in 1983 to 1989 and was funded by the Canadian Government. The fish market operated for 6 years and close in1 989 due to lack of good management.
The second fish Market reopened in 2005, operated for another 8 years and unfortunately close its operation in 2013 due to some local land issues. The fish market was funded by the Vanuatu Government.
The current new fish market will be the third fish market to be to build in this community. This current building and facilities were funded by the US Treaty Funds totalling to VT3 Million with additional VT824, 000 from the Vanuatu Government to complete the security fence. Total cost is VT3,824,000.
The initiative was made possible through allocation of this land space by Chief Leong Cathy and Families, the fishers association and people of Port Olry community.
The current fish market will be operated and managed by the Fisher`s Association and the people of Port Olry community. The fishers Association work closely with the Cooperative department to effectively manage the fish market to avoid going through past management scenarios. (Photo: DP)