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Sino-Van Pontoon ready for operation

Sino-Van Pontoon ready for operation
Sino-Van Pontoon ready for operation
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Prime Minister Charlot Salwai launched this morning Sino-Van Pontoon at Paray Bay, Port Vila.
More than two hundred people, including Ministers, President of Malvatumauri, Chief Mantoi Kalsakau of Ifira and his executives, former ministers, Directors Generals, directors and others invited guests, witnessed the launching of the Fish processing plant built purposely to accommodate tuna fish from the joint venture between Vanuatu Government and the China National Fisheries Corporation (CNFC).
Before the launching, Vanuatu Government, trough Prime Minister, performed a custom ceremony to landlords of the place where the fish processing plant is situated, represented by Chief Mantoi Kalsakau of Ifira.
In his speech, PM Salwai thanked the Chinese Government for facilitating the process towards the re-opening of fish compound at Salili, also CNFC for deal arrangements with Vanuatu Government to become partners in the new project that will boost Vanuatu’s economy.
Vanuatu PM’s wish is to see tuna fish very regularly coming from fishing boats that catch fish in Vanuatu waters. “Our joint venture should help us to have our own fishing boats. It is another job opportunity for us Ni-Vans. We want to build something that will benefit our people and our Government,” he said.
He announced that the pontoon he launched this morning is temporary facility until a wharf is built at Blacksands Area close to the fish compound at Salili.
“To move fish from here to Salili, it is a long distance and we must make sure our fish still has quality for export,” he said.
It was Salwai led Government that entered to new negotiations with Chinese Government for the re-opening of the Fish processing plant at Salili Area.
After the launching at Paray Bay, all the invited guest moved to Salili for the re-opening of the fish processing plant.
The fish processing plant has been initiated 15 years ago and with funding from China, a building has been erected at Salili Area but due to the lack of cooperation and because of some misunderstandings that the new project will have a negative impact on environment, works have stopped.