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Public urged to respect private property

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Workers at The Rainbow City are witnessing a kind of attitude that shows many Ni-Vans have no respect for others as many have been seen climbing 2.5 meters concrete wall to cut firewood inside the private property.
“Almost every day we see people walking inside the compound looking for firewood. They come through wall alongside Football Academy. We think many of them are living nearby. They disturb us as we must give our time to have them out of the property,” a worker from FPF Company said.
The Rainbow City is a 68 hectares property currently in construction. In ten years’ time, the mini township will accommodate facilities to become another attraction for foreign and local visitors.
Works have been done to clear the area and trees have been pushed down.
A concrete wall was built around the property to protect it from trespassers but many people still find ways to enter it without permission.