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Court orders Vanuatu Daily Post not to publish articles against a cabinet minister

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Vanuatu’s leading newspaper, the Daily Post has been slapped with a restraining order not to publish any articles against the country’s Infrastructure and Public Works Minister, Christophe Emelee.

The newspaper was served with the court order on Thursday (03 October) last week – ordering its directors, Editor Jane Joshua and journalists Richard Nanua and Glenda Willie to refrain from publishing any stories about claims of monies owed to government by the minister.

Daily Post is the second defendant. The Opposition Leader, Ishmael Kalsakau is named as the first defendant because he alleged in a recent article carried by the newspaper that Minister Emelee owed government VT500 million (US$4.23 million), one of the reasons he switched to join government because of outstanding debt.

The order restrains the Daily Post from reporting;

1) Allegations about outstanding monies of licensing fees owed to government

2) Allegations of any monies owed to Air Vanuatu

3) Allegations of claimants’ decision to switch sides in 2017

4) Allegations of claimants’ cancellation of the shipping registry contract

5) Allegations of the claimants’ acquisition of the Government wharf

6) Allegations concerning any criminal complaints of bribery against the claimant

7) Allegations concerning the claimant that he is a law breaker

Meanwhile, PACNEWS understands the work permit of the newspaper’s director and writer, Dan McGarry has expired and management is in the process of sorting out his papers. SOURCE: PACNEWS