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THE Rainbow City attracts foreign media

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The newly built mini township, THE Rainbow City, in East Efate is about to gain interest of people from other countries including foreign media.
On Wednesday 9 October, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) was the first media company to visit THE Rainbow City and to have the opportunity to interview the developer and owner of this 68 hectares of the fully concrete fence wall property situated near Vanuatu Football Academy, Amy Feng.
The well-known ABC Journalist Melissa Clarke was in Port Vila with an ABC cameraman in her route to Fiji when she was offered this opportunity to go inside the property that will become another tourist attraction in few years’ time when construction will end.
THE Rainbow City was designed to accommodate hotels, and other facilities such as school, hospital, church building and sports complex. Two buildings are currently in construction and works will end in few months’ time. Others will be built later one.
The construction works are undertaken by FPF Company with workers recruited locally supported by Chinese expertise.
According to the developer and owner, Vanuatu will have a complete tourist attraction in ten years’ time.

(Caption: The developer and owner of THE Rainbow City, Amy Feng, interviewed by ABC Journalist Melissa Clarke at the entrance of the newly built mini township at Rentapau.)