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Tongoa young generation asked to follow the footprints of late David Abel

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UMP President Serge Vohor describes late David Abel as “the man with determination and struggle as he sacrificed himself to the cause related to Blackbirding as he wanted to put an end to the issue to satisfy all Ni-Vanuatu who are relatives of indigenous people being forced to go and work in sugarcane and cotton plantations in Queensland, Australia, in the nineteen century.”
The former Prime Minister also calls on young generation from Tongoa and other islands to follow the footprints of the late MP and to push on UN for Australia to compensate all families whose relatives were victims of Blackbirding.
“If Blackbirding became an issue between Vanuatu and Australia, because the man like David Abel did not accept that New Hebrideans be forced to be slaves for Australia,” Vohor said in a communiqué released on Monday this week.
The call comes as UMP President paid tribute to the former MP following his death on Friday 20 September.
David Abel from Tongoa was also the leader of Vete Association that has claimed many lands on Efate.
He entered politics as he was elected MP in Port Vila Constituency in 2008 General Elections for four years.
His funeral took place yesterday morning. He laid to rest at Port Vila Municipal Cemetery. (Caption: Late MP David Abel)