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Challenges create opportunity, DG Amos

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The Director General of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity, Moses Amos has described the role and functions of the Department of Biosecurity as extremely essential to Vanuatu’s economy as it cuts across all sectors of development.
Director General Amos challenged the staff of the Department of Biosecurity on the message “attitude and mind set change” that they need to change because of the demand and pressure of work they are faced with each day.
“I love challenge, and I always believe that every challenge creates an opportunity, thus your work is very challenging as it cuts across all sectors.
“We in agriculture plant island cabbage, in fisheries we feed the fish, in livestock we raise cattle, and in forestry we plant the trees, but when an insect attack one of these sectors we can do nothing but look up to the biosecurity to provide the answers,” he emphasized.
The Director General was addressing the head and staff of the Department of Biosecurity and invited guest on a prayer breakfast ceremony held at the Biosecurity premises in Tagabe early this week to welcome the new Director, Mrs Meriam Toalak into his Ministry of MALFFB.
“We can talk about increase of production in newspapers, radio and TV, but if we do not carry out our role effectively and efficiently as Biosecurity Staff, we may as well forget about the production,” he stressed.
He referred to the Coconut Rhino Beetle (CRB) as a classic example of a disaster that could affect the coconut industry if we do not succeed in the operations to eradicate this pest.
“The entire coconut industry could be at stake or even destroyed with no copra production, so your role is very crucial to the economic growth of this country.” He stressed.
He thanked the outgoing Acting Director for his dedication and commitment to set up a foundation and road map for the new Director to take up.
He thanked the staff for their services and commended them for their dedication and commitment for waking up to work odd hours when people would normally sleep, to carry out their responsibilities as required by the Government and the laws of this country.
“When planes land at 3am in the morning, you are already there – you dedicate your jobs not only to deal with outbreak of pests and other insects but primarily to deal with border controls with ships and planes coming in to the country, you are there on time – thank you to the staff and particularly the Acting Director for your effective leadership,” he said.
Director General Amos called for cooperation and collaboration from the staff to their new director and assured her that MALFFB will stand by her to move her department forward.
The new Director received her Letter of Appointment to the Public Service on Tuesday this week and this ceremony was organized by the Biosecurity staff to welcome their new boss as well as witness the handing over of duty and responsibilities by the outgoing Acting Director, Armstrong Sam to her.
The prayer ceremony was conducted by Pastor Philip Wiwirau of the Presbyterian Church and the occasion was graced by the popular Seventh Adventist Acapella Singers, the Kings Men. Source: MALFFB