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New political movement to fill 40 candidates in 2020 GE

New political movement to fill 40 candidates in 2020 GE
New political movement to fill 40 candidates in 2020 GE
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The newly formed Oceania Transformation Movement (OTM) plans to fill 40 candidates throughout the Republic of Vanuatu in the upcoming general election.
The plan comes as a tactic to secure more than 2/3 of Members of Parliament as the new movement’s priority is to review the country’s constitution.
OTM has been declared in Central Pentecost in February this year by custom chiefs. Its aim is to redirect Vanuatu back to its independent ideologies based on land mainly for the benefits of its people.
The new movement’s political strategy towards next year’s general election is, if it will not reach the 2/3 majority, to push the agenda of forming a government of national unity, fundamentally to remove the actual political regime with too many divided groupings and differences.
Another priority for OTM included in its political strategy is to form the next government to become a transitional government of a period of two years and fresh election will be called for a second Republic.
The OTM’s political and economic comprehensive reform program in every level will be released publicly very soon for consultation and debate purposes.
According to OTM’s political agenda, it will address the common sensitive issues affecting the indigenous people of Oceania and the world at large.
OTM has developed a political governance system based on traditional governance, and an economic program to rescue the indigenous people of Oceania against foreign economic concept. We need to unite to achieve this political vision.
There are nine key issues OTM will be addressing:

1. The government and political parties have failed to resolve the issue of continuously internal political instability and corruption and pretend to enjoy a stable and trustworthy government and leadership,

2. The existing political parties and politicians have failed to implement the economic self-reliance,

3. Vanuatu government has failed to make sufficient income revenue from its existing trade and economic partnership agreements with foreign government and global economic organizations in order to run its national affairs and is heavily rely on foreign aid,

4. The government has failed to protect the real values and identity of its political sovereignty because land is being sold for economic commitment; passport and citizenship are sold for revenue purposes,

5. Vanuatu government has failed to protect the country’s tax status on tax heaven and its original financial mission and obligations to the country’s growth and development,

6. Vanuatu government has failed to promote the country’s productive sector to enter the foreign market,

7. Vanuatu government through the ministry of cooperative has failed to support ni-Vanuatu business in that it failed to resolve the sensitive issue of AFIC within the required appropriate technical and financial means,

8. Vanuatu government has failed to underlay all the religious and cultural required governing institutional infrastructure,

9. Vanuatu government has failed to develop a very smart political diplomacy in relation to One China policy, including One belt, and One road program.

It is based on these outlined fundamental reasons that few individuals started to organize themselves following the Pentecost declaration and put together structures and ideas of a new proposed, realistic, wise and smart political and economic roadmap to drive this country out of inequality, poverty, deficit, decline, etc. … and to maintain the country’s political integrity and moderate level during its graduation from LDC to developed country.
Oceania Transformation Movement has written its Constitution which was signed by chiefs and community leaders from all over Vanuatu residing in Port-Vila. It has developed an Internal Rules document, a Policy Platform and an Inter-island Economic Development Master Plan 2021-2036 which is called Voice of Vanuatu Nakamal.
They will all be ready to be released very soon. OTM has designed its flag, logo, slogan and a stamp. They are based on traditional values and their political identity.
Oceania Transformation Movement has set up an Interim National Executive with Lazare Asal, an advocator on indigenous people’s right from Pentecost as the interim President and Richard Namel from Tanna is the interim Vice president. The other members are people from the six provinces. There are people all over Vanuatu, supporting and believing that OTM will set a new political and economic roadmap based on custom governance system because every political parties have been engaged in corruption practices which led many people in rural areas in Vanuatu to uncertainty and lack of essential services.
As one of the issues OTM will be addressing is about AFIC (Apma Financial Investment Centre), Vila Times understands that its founder Barnabas Tabirupmel is one of 40 proposed candidates for 18 electoral constituencies throughout the country.

The official launching of OTM is scheduled for very soon this year and it will invite members of the public to come and listen, ask questions about the new political program. Photo: The Interim President of Oceania Transformation Movement, Lazare Asal.