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New ambassadors of Morocco and Malaysia to Vanuatu

New ambassadors of Morocco and Malaysia to Vanuatu
New ambassadors of Morocco and Malaysia to Vanuatu
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The new Ambassadors of Morocco and Malaysia accredited to Vanuatu presented their credential letters this morning to the President of the Republic, Moses Tallis Obed.
When introducing himself to the Head of State, Morocco’s new Ambassador, Karim Medrek say that during his mission, he will be focusing on the promotion of economic relations by relying on the potential and interesting opportunities provided for his country and Vanuatu to reinforce their ties in fields such as agriculture, tourism, education, environment and public health among others, as stipulated in the Action Plan on Cooperation Program between the two countries following the second Forum of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Pacific Islands States.
In his remarks, President Tallis stressed the importance of the bilateral cooperation between Morocco and Vanuatu since they become friends on the 14 December 2000.
He emphasized the urgent need for Vanuatu to have a radiation machine for breast cancer for women.
The new Ambassador will meet with Government ministers before he returns to Canberra where he is based. With the minister of Education Jean-Pierre Nirua, he will discuss the agreement for Vanuatu to send students to Morocco.
Later this morning, President Tallis welcomed the new Ambassador of Malaysia, Mohamad Nasri Abdul Rahman.
The new Malaysian Ambassador said his country is one of the major importers for Vanuatu and in 2018, trade between Malaysia and Vanuatu was recorded at USD35.9 million.
Malaysia and Vanuatu have established their ties on 5 April 1983.
CAPTION: The new Ambassador of Morocco was the first to present his credential letters to the Head of State, Moses Tallis Obed.