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Authorizing Fisheries Officers receives training on MCS technics

Authorizing Fisheries Officers receives training on MCS technics
Authorizing Fisheries Officers receives training on MCS technics
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Provincial Fisheries Authorizing Officers are being trained this week on the laws and regulations of the sea and the technics of Monitoring, Controlling and Surveillance (MCS) of coastal fisheries to ensure there is sustainable fisheries and marine resources for the future generation of Vanuatu.
Twenty-five participants representing various provinces are among a few experienced fisheries officers attending this workshop, which is being conducted by South Pacific Commission’s (SPC) Specialist in Coastal Fisheries, Aquaculture, Monitoring and Surveillance, Ian Freeman at the Moorings hotel in Port Vila.
Speaking to the media, Mr Freeman explained the purpose of this workshop is to train Authorized Fisheries Officers to be able to go back to their communities and to explain the need for conservation and the importance of following legislations and regulations to ensure there is sufficient fish for the future.
“In terms of the benefits to Vanuatu as a whole, it should mean we have far more sustainable fisheries particularly at coastal level and given more importance to subsistence living for the communities which I believe is a really great objective to achieve in the future,“ said Mr Freeman.
As part of this workshop, the participants will be conducting some market inspections where they will be expected talk to the fish market vendors and inspect what they have to sell.
The participants will also inspect a few fishermen and making sure they are catching fish that are of legal size and are not undersize and unfit to sell in the market.
The Authorizing Officers will also trained on how to issue fines and confiscate materials which is illegal to have under the Act.
This similar workshop will also be conducted in Luganville, Santo next week.
The workshop is funded by the Vanuatu Government and the SPC. Mr Freeman is being assisted in the workshop by New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry’s Expert, Mr Michael Nicholson. Source: MALFFB