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Vanuatu athletes urged not to come back with CRB from Samoa

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All Vanuatu athletes who are currently taking part in 16th Pacific Games in Western Samoa and all official who are accompanied them during the regional event are urgent not to come back with CRB (Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle) as works are underway to eliminate the invasive pest at West/North West of Efate.
At Tok Bak Show yesterday lunch time with VBTC, the Department of Biosecurity calls on all Ni-Vanuatu who are in Apia for Pacific Games to make sure their sports belonging, clothes, shoes and other items are cleaned before their departure from Samoa.
A Biosecurity officer who was part of discussion during this daily program said there is a spread of CRB in Samoa and all the visitors are urged to clean up all their belonging before leaving Samoa.
There are currently around 100 people on the field to try to fight the spread of CRB in the area.
The government of Vanuatu has allocated Vt 50 million for the Biosecurity Department to deploy all necessary measures to eliminate the pest. Photo: Cyrille Mainguy