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Demolition work underway on Ex-FOL

Demolition work underway on Ex-FOL
Demolition work underway on Ex-FOL
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Works are underway since last month to demolish Ex-FOL, to reconstruct a new sport facility and to renovate the part of the building which was not affected by Cyclone Pam in 2015.
Ex-FOL has been severely damaged by Cyclone Pam and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development that owns the building decided not to renovate but demolish entirely the big part of the State asset which was used to accommodate sports and social activities.
The demolition works are undertaken by Building and Roofing Vanuatu Company. The same company was selected by Government Tender Board to also reconstruct the new one and to renovate the other part of the building that is usually used for judo, karate and boxing training.
The Australian Government is funding the new project and the supervision of works is under the responsibility of Public Works Department.
Ex-FOL is one of the last assets left by the French Administration to the Republic of Vanuatu in 1980. The other one is the Municipal Stadium.