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Ismael Kalsakau says he will be UMP candidate again

Ismael Kalsakau says he will be UMP candidate again
Ismael Kalsakau says he will be UMP candidate again
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The leader of the opposition says he will run again in the upcoming general elections as UMP candidate in Port Vila Constituency despite the fact that he did not submit his application before the regional congress of the party which took place on Saturday 1st June at Freshwater.
The only agenda of this political meeting was to decide on who is going to run as candidate for UMP in Port Vila.
The president of Port Vila UMP regional executive, Alick Noel, who chaired the meeting told Vila Times that his office has received only three applications from Saby Natonga, Wendy Himford and Tony Nari, municipal councilor from Southern Ward.
During the meeting, Ismael Kalsakau’s name was also raised to be approved by mandates who represent UMP sub committees throughout the capital city. But the regional president decided not to let his executive agree on names which have never been submitted through application.
The position of Alick Noel was very clear: only three applications for his executive to decide. He told mandates during the meeting that Saby Natonga was the first to apply for candidacy and his application was the only one being approved.
“Our party is sick and we have to take a wise decision today. We must not rule out the fact that the support to our party has decreased. We are building up our party. Our aim is to let only one candidate to run in Port Vila,” he insisted.
He told mandates that if Ismael Kalsakau applies, he with two other applicants will be subject to discussions in the national congress.
When contacted on Friday last week to confirm if he will run again under UMP’s ticket, the leader of the opposition said “Yes I will be UMP candidate again”.
Ismael Kalsakau was one of six UMP elected candidates during 2016 snap elections. He was elected second in Port Vila with more than 2 000 votes.
In 2017, the five other MPs switched their allegiance to the government’s side. Nako Natuman from Tanna, Jack Norris Kalmet from Efate, Jerome Ludvaune from Malekula and Simeon Seule from Epi and Tomker Netvunei from Tafea Outer Islands are included on the list of RMC’s proposed candidates for 2020 general elections. (Photo:The leader of the opposition and vice president of UMP, Ismael Kalsakau. (Photo: VBTC)