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Hilda Lini to be candidate of Leleon Vanua Democratic Party in Port Vila

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The two weeks meeting organized for women at Mele Village ended on Friday 31 May with the approval of names to be candidates in the upcoming general elections.
As Vila Times does not have the list of the names being approved to be candidates of the newly established Leleon Vanua Democratic Party (LVDP), the woman leader whose idea is to allocate 50% of parliamentary seats to women has been chosen to contest 2020 general elections in Port Vila Constituency.
The active member of the custom movement Turaga from Pentecost, Hilda Lini, had the approval of women representatives from all the islands of Vanuatu group who attended the meeting which was facilitated through funding from Oxfam.
The first national congress of LVDP also elected Hilda Lini as secretary general of the political party.
It is not the first time Hilda Lini is involved in politics. The youngest sister of late Walter Lini has already served as member of Parliament. In 1991, she successfully won a seat in Port Vila Constituency as NUP’s elected candidate.
She became the first woman to be appointed to a ministerial portfolio. She became minister of Health in the first coalition government in the history of Vanuatu. Korman’s UMP led government had NUP as its coalition partner.
In 1996, she resigned from NUP and founded her own party, the Tu Vanuatu Komiti. From 2000 to 2004, she has been appointed director of the Pacific Convers Resource Centre.
Hilda Lini has a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in journalism from the University of Papua New Guinea.