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VP tightens up its camp with more MPs

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The president of VP and current Deputy Prime Minister, Bob Loughman, has every reason to be
happy on Friday last week: two more MPs have joined the ranks of his party.
Marc Ati who was elected on Yauko Group in 2016 snap elections in Luganville and recently
showed his allegiance to NUP has finally decided to walk with VP towards 2020 general
elections. Kalo Seule, the Green Confederation’s acting president and MP for Port Vila, has also
joined the group.
Seule’s decision leaves the Green Confederation without an MP. His only companion Daniel
Toara from Sheperd Outer Islands left the Green Confederation few months ago to join VP.

Toara has reportedly no plan to run again for a new term. The man who will be VP’s candidate
in the constituency of Sheperd Outer Island is the son of late former president of the Republic
Fred Timakata, John William Timakata of Emae.
Luganville was a stronghold of VP. The man who occupied the last VP seat in this constituency
was George Wells. Marc Ati plans to regain his seat in upcoming elections.
As he welcomed the two MPs in his party during a ceremony at his home at Freshwater Two, Bob
Loughman said he is proud to lead a party which grows with new young leaders.
“Our elders before were united to gain our independence. Today, we are divided through many
interests. I am happy that we share the same understanding so that we can work together,” he
told the new comers.
“With thirteen MPs all together, this increase in VP numbers brings me confidence and comfort
to in the decision making within the government,” VP president said.