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Lolowai Hospital to fully resume service soon

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I was the wish of the people of Ambae that their hospital at Lolowai shall not be removed to
one of the two other neighboring islands, Maewo and Pentecost.
When Voui Volcano activities become a nuisance to the population of Ambae and the state of
emergency imposed with the compulsory evacuation, Ambaeans thought about the future of
their hospital. All its staff and equipment were transferred to Kerepei in Central Maewo.
During the state of emergency, all Ambaeans were worry about Lolowai Hospital as there was a
plan to remove all its facilities and staff to another island of Penama Province. From Kerepei, all
the staff of Lolowai Hospital awaited a decision from the health authorities until the lapse of
the state of emergency.
The return of Ambaean to their home island has forced the medical staff of Lolowai relocated at
Kerepei to resume their duties where they were based.
Lolowai Hospital in East Ambae reopened its doors three weeks ago. It operates as Mini
Hospital until the full service will be restored.
The Acting medical superintendent of Penama Lolowai Hospital Doctor Donald Tangis made a
short visit to Lolowai last week to check the progress of work done by a health team led by
Mosi Malanga.
Reports from Kerepei where all staff of Lolowai Hospital relocated following the state of
emergency said this short visit will determine when the whole team will be back to Lolowai,
including the Penama Health Administration which is till on Luganville.
It is three weeks now that Lolowai Hospital is back to service with a nurse practitioner, one
midwife, two registered nurses, one nurse aide, one cleaner/laundry, one mechanic, one
groundman and one handyman.
The cleanup work at Lolowai Hospital was done by the community of Lemus, Navonda,
Vatumemea, Atavoa, Lolomananda, Lolowai and Rurunga with the assistance of a local business
who paid for food and supplied working tool including brush cutters.