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Pacific youth urged to push leaders to commit to climate action

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The Pacific Regional Environment Programme has urged the region’s youth to push their leaders to commit to action on climate change.
Speaking in American Samoa, the programme’s director general, Leota Kosimiti Latu, said the challenges posed by climate change were very real in the Pacific.
Pointing to large protests held by high schoolers in Europe, Leota said the youth should be worried about what will be one of the greatest challenges of their lives.
“Young people are not waiting for their leaders to make decisions. They know if decisions are not made now it is them that will be impacted and affected. And so whatever we discuss today always remember it is our young people who are not only the future for tomorrow, but they are actually our leaders for today.”
Leota Kosimiti Latu said the increasing frequency and severity of flash floods, cyclones and droughts shows that climate change is already impacting the region. Source RNZI – Photo: AFP