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Freshwater Bilingual School begins the school calendar as usual

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Freshwater Bilingual School is not affected by the outstanding school fees left last year by parents and reported in social media recently.
Speaking to Vila Times this morning, the principal of the biggest school in Vanuatu, Manses Kalo, says students enrolled in his school this year started the school calendar yesterday as usual.
Asked about the outstanding school fees, the school’s principal says “The parents who have not committed themselves last year made effort to fix schools fees and some through special arrangements. Outstanding stands now at around Vt2 million. The students must not become victims of failure of parents. We understand the situation of parents with small income.”
The outstanding of school fee last year was VT4 million and not Vt6 million as report in social media recently, says the principal.
Freshwater Bilingual School is the biggest school in Vanuatu run by the government with 1 700 students last year and 1 670 this year. Its teachers are 52 altogether, Anglophone and Francophone. 40 are paid by the government and the rest by the school.