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VP progresses in its 2020 Kambak

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Vanua’Aku Pati (VP) is targeting its dream to be strong again as it was in the 80s. Its main objective is to bring back its supporters throughout Vanuatu for the upcoming general election as it plans to acquire the simple majority.
The man who was tasked to fulfil this dream is the member of Parliament for Tanna, Johnny Koniapo.
On last Friday, VP announced that the member of Parliament for Ambrym, Albert William has joined its ranks. This MP who hails from South East Ambrym was elected on GJP’s ticket in 2016 plans to be VP candidate in 2020 general election. Another man from the same region, Maki Simelum, also plans to be VP candidate in upcoming election on Ambrym. Simelum is a former minister of Finance.
The other man who also showed his support to VP executive last Friday is Richard Leona from North Pentecost. Doctor by profession, Leona has been independent candidate on Pentecost in 2016 general election.
Richard Leona who hails from Loltong was the cofounder of the new political party “People Unity Development Party” (PUDP) which was launched in Port Vila on Unity Day (29 November) by the former MP for Ambae, James Bule.
He also plans to be VP candidate on Pentecost in general election scheduled to take plan in eleven months’ time.

(Photo: Fred Vurobaravo)