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Footpath still another problem to be considered

Footpath still another problem to be considered
Footpath still another problem to be considered
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If a town needs good roads for its cars and its people who move every day by the iron with four or two wheels, why it does not need good footpaths for its people who don’t have trucks but use to walk day and night?
The town of Port Vila, the capital city of Vanuatu, has seemingly this kind of attitude when it appears that the authorities who are supposed to look after the wellbeing of the taxpayers are ignorant and are not concerned about the safety of the residents as the condition of many footpaths in town has deteriorated. Many urban residential areas, such as wards in the political electorate of Port Vila, are without footpath as authorities seem to have no idea on how to be creative and productive.
Creative and productive? These two qualities are counted in the best running of the local authorities, including Port Vila Municipality, whose duty is to serve people. But where there is a lack of creativity and productivity, taxpayers must ask this question ‘Where all our money go?”
This question targets mainly the needs of the people who reside in the capital city of Vanuatu they chose to be their home and second home for some of them. When they see big improvements done in infrastructures such as roads with funding from aid donors, these taxpayers believe that if Port Vila Municipality and the government are also concerned about the safety of the people who used footpath for their daily movement, they should themselves do their part as their homework to improve the wellbeing of the whole population which already reaches fifty thousand.
Those who have designed the project to be realized by the PVUDP (Port Vila Urban Development Project) have also included footpaths everywhere the works have been done, so that the residents can walk safely. Today PVUDP Project funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) in partnership with the Australian Government has transformed the view of the town, from what used to be Port Vila of yesterday to Port Vila of today and tomorrow.
The donors’ money comes from taxpayers’ pocket, being well saved and managed to help these countries in need, including Vanuatu, with their own tax base. The revenue Vanuatu is collecting each year in forms of tax is high: billions of vatus by the national government and millions by Port Vila Municipality. The lack of ability to manage money well is becoming a big concern today as nothing is done with infrastructure in town.
Many of the existing footpaths had been constructed more than twenty years ago with little resources Port Vila Municipality had as the authority considered that the ability to manage money well had to be taken as an important thing in the running of the affairs of this town. Many developments, including the construction of footpaths, have been witnessed in the capital when the Mayor of Port Vila and the other members of the municipal council have been paid only sitting allowances estimated in total around Vt200,000 a month as remembered a former municipal councilor who is still alive.