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The loss of a true pioneer in agriculture

The loss of a true pioneer in agriculture
The loss of a true pioneer in agriculture
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His name was written in so many factories producing local products such as kava, noni and more. But his first business was La Blanchisserie de Port-Vila located where Stret Price shop is now at Tebakor.
It was in the 80s when many business companies in Port Vila were owned by Ni-Vanuatus. It happened that Joseph Jacobe become one of them. It was the time when many citizens of this country tried to do something at their own cost to build the economy as the government led by Walter Lini had opted for self-reliance as key to development.
In his plantation at Rentapao, Joseph Jacobe raised cattle and owned gardens to support this self-reliance. All his children have learned things from him. If all his sons have played football at their younger age, they have followed in the footsteps of their father who was in early 70s the founder of Amicale Football Club.
Being a good friend of Vincent Boulekone as president of UMP, Joseph learned a lot about politics and with the quality of businessman he had and for his generosity as he provided jobs to so many Ni-Vanuatu who he helped to become good citizens, he has been chosen and elected in Port Vila constituency for a term in Parliament from 1987 to 1991.
Many UMP supporters who were behind him as their representative in Vanuatu Parliament still remember the kind of MP was Joseph Jacobe, an honest man who has been always available for help.
After the end of his political career, he went on to realize his dream in the locally made products from local fruits. Noni juice becomes popular today as it was the one in which Joseph Jacobe invested his energy to develop its production as far as the exportation to overseas’ market.
His commitment to agricultural farming has won recognition in the business sector and the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry once give him an opportunity to become its president.
Even becoming old, Joseph was still active in the field. In 2016, the current Prime Minister Charlot Salwai had to visit him in his property at Rentabao to obtain firsthand information on problem faced by local farming industry.
On Sunday 13th January, many people were shocked by the loss of this brave man. His funeral took place on Wednesday at the Cathedrale of Sacred Heart before his relatives and friend accompanied him to his final resting place at Municipal Cemetery.