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A young Tannese movie actor died

A young Tannese movie actor died
A young Tannese movie actor died
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His death shocked full Vanuatu on Saturday morning, especially those who have known him has movie actor in ‘Tanna’, the film which won the Audience Award Pietro Barzisa at the72 nd Venice International Film Festival.

Mungau Dain from Yakel Village, Whitesands Tanna, died suddenly at Vila Central Hospital on Saturday morning following an illness.

When his death was announced through Facebook, all comments paid tribute to this young man whose name has made history in a movie being recognized at the international level.

A man who used to be Dain’s friend posted, “We are devastated to hear of the sudden passing of our dear loving friend Mangau Dain. We and so many people around the world met and loved Dain, his cheeky humour, dancing, flute playing, generous spirit. Please keep this special man, his family and friends in Yakel in your thoughts. We will miss him.”

‘Tanna’ is a 2015 Australian-Ni-Vanuatu film set on the island of Tanna, depicting the true story of a couple who decide to marry for love, rather that obey their parents’ wishes. In some ways similar to Romeo and Juliet, the movie is based on an actual marriage dispute. It was selected as the Australian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards, and was nominated for the award in January 2017.