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More than 50 people ordered to leave Malapoa Periphery

More than 50 people ordered to leave Malapoa Periphery
More than 50 people ordered to leave Malapoa Periphery
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More than 50 people from 15 households were ordered by landowners from Ifira to evacuate a part of what it used to be the reserve area for the Ifiran community.
Reports from the small mixed community who lived in that area which has not been subdivided as part of Peacock Estate said they received the order more than two weeks ago from the landowners to move out. They also received a dateline: as of 28th November, they should evacuate the area.
Speaking to one of these people who asked to remain anonymous, he said families found very difficult to move out as they saw the time being given to them very short.
“Some have already left the area because they are afraid a bulldozer will come to push their house after the dateline lapses. For the safety of my children, I decided to move out and find other place. We are now at Blacksands with relatives,” the father of three told Vila Times last Friday.
Other sources said the small mixed community has organized itself to start a process with lawyers to avoid any legal eviction notice.
Many of those people claimed they resided in the area before independence when they worked for the owner of the plantation where the area used to be. They said after independence, when the land has been acquired by the landowners, they made an arrangement with the high chief Kalsakau II of Ifira for them to occupy the area located behind Peacock Subdivision.
Many members of the small mixed community lived on food crops they planted since many years near their houses.
On Saturday, a relative from one of the families being ordered to move said he visited them on Friday and they were still there.
“My relatives were still looking for other place to move in. They backed up all their belongings but they don’t know where to go. Maybe lawyers contacted for help will do something so that these families cannot become victims of an eviction notice. I heard one saying that this land is on dispute and some of the claimants have received big amount of money from an investor who buys this place,” another man from Tanna told Vila Times on Saturday.
The small community comprised of people from Tongoa, Tanna, Ambrym and Malekula.