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First ever human trafficking reaches Vanuatu

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A group a young men walking in town seems to be from India in East Asia. Their story just came to light last week when it was reported by local media that they are in Port Vila because they were interested to work in Vanuatu following some kind of deal alleged to be the first ever biggest human trafficking and slavery not only in Vanuatu but in the Pacific region.
They all are from Bangladesh. As those who facilitated their trip to Vanuatu are facing a court battle, they are awaiting their case to be examined by Vanuatu courts before a decision could be made on their fate.
Police, immigration and labour officers were on their doorsteps last week to check their passport and other travel documents as the Magistrate Court who dealt with the people responsible of their trip.
The Bangladeshi couple who brought those young men to Vanuatu were arrested in Port Vila and appeared in Court. They were charged with twelve counts of human trafficking.
Sekdah Somon and Buxoo Nabilah Bibi are the owners of of the “Mr Price” home and furniture store in Vanuatu and they brought these young men from their country with assurance that they will work in Vanuatu.