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A new political party launched on Unity Day

A new political party launched on Unity Day
A new political party launched on Unity Day
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It used to be a cultural movement having filed candidates in the last provincial elections and managed to win three seats in Penama Province. Today those who have accompanied this cultural movement in all its activities see it is the right time to give to it the full responsibility to operate as an organized political party in Vanuatu.
“People Unity Development Party” (PUDP) is its name being publicly revealed on its launching at Mwebalehan Community Centre at Anabrou on Thursday last week when Vanuatu celebrated the National Unity Day.
One of the men behind the setting up of this new political party is well known National United Party’s strong man on Ambae and former MP, James Bule. Being one of those have their names in the history of NUP as he has once served as its secretary general, James Bule decided to join the workforce group committed to bring changes and development on grassroots level.
Richard Leona from Loltong, North Pentecost, doctor by profession, is an active man in this new political grouping. He was very instrumental to the success of three candidates on Pentecost during the last Penama provincial elections.
In his speech during the launching, James Bule announced that PUDP has been set up on many islands in Vanuatu and that its objective is to gain support from people in the six provinces.