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Freshwater field to become a mini stadium

Freshwater field to become a mini stadium
Freshwater field to become a mini stadium
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Works have been carried out recently on removing goals posts from the two football fields and the toilets built by Freshwater community for public use during festivities such as Independence celebration.
The small “dump sites” around the two fields have been removed. The clearance of the site was the signal that works on the new mini stadium would be going to start soon after FIFA gave its financial contribution few weeks ago towards the new project.
The world football organization transferred around Vt10 million to the VFF’s account following the request made by Vanuatu. FIFA was willing to have its part in this project as its wish is to see the development and the improvement of football in Vanuatu.
FIFA has asked VFF to make good use of the money. National football federation announced later that FIFA’s contribution will go towards the engineering works. VFF has already selected a local company qualified in engineering to work on the first phase of the project.
In early last decade, FIFA has helped Vanuatu to have a football academy. Some millions of vatus had been transferred to the VFF’s account. A financial scandal had been revealed following reports that the funds were used on other purposes. Since, FIFA has to take precaution when Vanuatu is in need and asks for assistance.
A part of these funds provided as grant had help VFF to build the football academy at Teouma.