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VP becomes powerful after its congress

VP becomes powerful after its congress
VP becomes powerful after its congress
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Photo: Witnol Benko

Just one week after having taken over the reins of of VP (Vanua’Aku Pati) at Benapo in South East Ambrym, Bob Loughman started playing his cards by using his power as the newly elected President of one of the partners in the current coalition government and also as the Deputy Prime Minister acting on behalf of the Prime Minister Charlot who was not here and who just come back from his overseas trip on Thursday afternoon.

At the VP 40th Congress at Benapo, all people who wanted him to take over the reins of their party also put on him all their trust that he could be a leader whose first priority is to reunite VP as many break away groups have been formed affecting the longest political party an the support has been dramatically decreased from highest number of parliamentary seats during eleven years of power to six seats in 2016 general elections.

Bob Loughman’s colleague MP, Johnny Koniapo, who is also from Tanna has been mandated by VP to build back trust within the party so that those who have left for other parties could have the interest to return to VP.

As only thirteen months are left before Vanuatu will go to the polls again, the time is very short to have this heavy duty to an achievement as ‘Mission accomplie’ when 2020 general elections will roll out.