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Who says Kava can’t grow in town?

Who says Kava can’t grow in town?
Who says Kava can’t grow in town?
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As Port Vila Town is City of Sandalwood as named by the Port Vila Municipal Council and declared in 2015 by the then Mayor of the capital, Ulrich Sumtoh, the same initiative should be taken for kava as the soil here is fertile and rich for the plant that becomes the most important source of revenue for so many families living in the urban and rural areas in the country.
The Port Vila Municipal Council should encourage people who have pot of land in town to plant kava in their backyard as backyard farming to make money out of it when the plant is ready for harvest.
An island community in Port Vila has proven that the soil here is fertile and can accept kava (see photo).
After obtaining a piece of land at Freshwater Four from Vanuatu National Housing Corporation few years ago, the members of Atchin Community decided to build a house to make it become kava bar with ‘ol windo’. The first tenants or occupants of the kava bar, when they cleaned their kava for drinking, kept the trunks of the kava and planted them in the backyard, near a tap of water.

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