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Santo: Beware of conmen!

Santo: Beware of conmen!
Santo: Beware of conmen!
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The people on Santo are experiencing since few days ago another wave of what is called ‘collection time’ for an alleged group of conmen walking around the communities to collect money on behave of a well-known local business, reports said.
A woman living in South Santo reported to Vila Times this morning that when she arrived in Luganville this morning, Sanma chiefs’ Nakamal at Chapuis was full of crowd.
“They are here to meet two men from Santo, one named Frank and another one Jeffrey. One was writing names of people who gave them money with their bank account and another one is collecting money. They said “when you give Vt1,000, we will give you back Vt1 million in three months’ time,” the woman from South Santo reported from Luganville.
I was also reported that the two men from Santo are working for a local businessman based on Efate.

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