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Government ministries and departments to open their doors tomorrow to public for Right To Information

The Office of the Prime Minister which accommodate the RTI Office.

Tomorrow Friday 28th September is International Day for the Right To Information (RTI).
The Government of the Republic of Vanuatu recognizes that the day must be respected as a time for its ministries and departments to let public known about their activities.
Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, in his letter to Public Service Commission, Director Generals, Directors, Heads of Constitutional Bodies, Heads of private entities and Relevant private entities covered under the RTI Act, issued an instruction requesting them to celebrate the International Right To Know Day by opening doors to any member of public “who wishes to obtain information or documents from your respective offices in line with the RTI Act.”
“It is also a day for your agencies to exercise more pro-active publications schemes by promoting RTI and your operations. The one-day exercise should be an ‘ice breaker’ for RTI implementation and a test for agencies to put into practice your RTI Agency Action Plan,” PM told the local authorities in his letter dated 04th September 2018.
All Government ministries and departments should be available tomorrow for public at large to ask and obtain the informations they need to know about their activities and the running of services expected to be delivered to the people of the country.
The International Day for Universal Access to Information (commonly called the Access To Information Day) is an international day of recognition designated by the UNICEF General Conference to be held on September 28.
The day was inaugurated in November 2015 and was first held on September 28, 2016.